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Get Started Today

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Empowering School Districts Across the State! The school year is over and as we look back we can't help but wish we could have done more! Those are the sentiments of a true educator. And we couldn't agree more! The AARC Team is committed to helping School Districts across the state to make the change that can transform, not [...]

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Extended Weekend Learning Opportunities

By |2016-10-08T04:15:56+00:00October 5th, 2016|Attendance Matters, Attendance Recovery, Extended Weekend Learning, Student Engagement|

All students deserve a chance for success. We help students reach their goal! Extended Weekend Learning Opportunities give students a fighting chance! The year has just begun and, more than likely, absences for our regular chronic absentees are starting to accrue. Immediately we send AttendanceLetter 1 and the never-ending SARB process begins. 23  School Districts across the state [...]

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