Empowering School Districts Across the State!

The school year is over and as we look back we can’t help but wish we could have done more! Those are the sentiments of a true educator. And we couldn’t agree more! The AARC Team is committed to helping School Districts across the state to make the change that can transform, not only the District, but the academic future for countless students.

During the 2015-2016 the AARC Team, by means of the AARC program, was able to recover state-wide 50 Million Instructional Minutes, over $12 Million in lost revenue, and had a record participation of 292,000 students in attendance!

We have successfully partnered with School Districts across the State and we couldn’t be more proud of our combined efforts. We hope we can help more students next school year by creating new partnerships this summer.

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The AARC Team