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What is the AARC Program?

AARC is a comprehensive program designed to provide a broad spectrum of instructional programs for students with excused/unexcused absences. It is also a way in which districts can recapture hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in lost ADA revenues through a four hour Saturday/Sunday instructional program plus a short nutrition break.

The AARC program is different than the traditional Saturday Discipline program in that the focus is on instruction. The instruction can reflect any type of curriculum that is offered during the regular week. The curriculum can be tutorial, enrichment, test prep, credit recovery, labs or any type of instruction that the school site or district would like to offer. The scope is broad and unlimited. All AARC sessions are taught by district teachers and supported by district classified staff. AARC staff from Educational Consulting Services provides all the labor and logistical duties to implement each AARC session.

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What does the AARC Staff Provide?

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