All students deserve a chance for success. We help students reach their goal!

Extended Weekend Learning Opportunities give students a fighting chance! The year has just begun and, more than likely, absences for our regular chronic absentees are starting to accrue. Immediately we send AttendanceLetter 1 and the never-ending SARB process begins.

23  School Districts across the state of California have found a better solution. One that keeps students off the SARB list and engages them to enjoy learning and therefore, brings them back to school. By means of an Extended Weekend Learning Program 290,000 students were empowered to reach their academic goals during the2015-2016 school year.

School Districts are taking an active role in ending chronic absences by partnering with the AARC Program . With the help of the AARC Team, these school districts are reaching a three-fold goal:

1. Engaging students and keep them interested in their own education.

2. Recovering crucial instructional minutes.

3. Increasing their budgets with the recovered ADA The AARC Program gives students a fighting chance to succeed academically.

Your students could start benefiting and changing the outcome of their academic future as soon as next weekend! Let us show you how you can get started.

Sincerely The AARC Team