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Increase Your Revenue by Increasing Your ADA

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Recover lost ADA due to student absences...Excused OR Unexcused! The Road to "Recovering"... Every year school districts across California struggle with ways to meet budget demands and the simplest solution is right there: Increase your revenue by increasing your ADA!  Districts lose an average of $50 per day for each absence which totals millions of [...]

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Student Engagement in 21 Districts

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290,000 Students in 21 Districts enjoyed Extended Weekend Learning Opportunities! During the 2015-2016 school year, 21 School Districts across California offered extended academic programs for all students. 290,000 students attended not only regular weekday classes, they chose to attend an enrichment program during the weekend! How was this accomplished? With the help of a great partnership between districts and the AARC [...]

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