Recover lost ADA due to student absences…Excused OR Unexcused!

The Road to “Recovering”…

Every year school districts across California struggle with ways to meet budget demands and the simplest solution is right there: Increase your revenue by increasing your ADA!  Districts lose an average of $50 per day for each absence which totals millions of dollars in attendance revenues each year! California Education Code Sections 37223 allows districts to recover these lost revenues through a four hour instructional program on a Saturday or Sunday!

Benefits of Bringing AARC to Your District

  • Provides instruction and enrichment opportunities for all students.
  • Your district recovers valuable ADA revenue for Excused and UNexcused absences.
  • Aligns with LCFF and LCAP requirements
  • Extend learning time by 240 minutes every scheduled Saturday or Sunday.
  • A great opportunity to implement Project-Based Learning, Write to Learn strategies and oral communication skills.
  • Teachers can be creative in their curriculum by providing students time to engage in activities often overlooked: music, art, dance, hands-on science, technology, and theater!
  • Nutrition Services receives meal reimbursements.Teachers, substitutes and classified staff have opportunity to earn extra income.
  • Parents know that their children are in a safe and stimulating environment.