290,000 Students in 21 Districts enjoyed Extended Weekend Learning Opportunities!

During the 2015-2016 school year, 21 School Districts across California offered extended academic programs for all students. 290,000 students attended not only regular weekday classes, they chose to attend an enrichment program during the weekend!

How was this accomplished? With the help of a great partnership between districts and the AARC Program!

The program for these School Districts had a three-fold purpose: By means of the AARC program, 50 Million Instructional Minutes have been recovered state-wide, over $12 Million in lost revenue has returned into districts budgets and most importantly it kept students interested in their own education!

These partnerships are effective and yield proven results. The AARC Team is committed to helping School Districts across the state incorporate a program that can transform, not only the District, but the academic future for countless students.

Would your students benefit from such a partnership? Absolutely! Let us help you get started.

The AARC Team