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Communication in today’s business place has become more efficient, with the introduction of technology presenting both opportunities and incentives. Our goal is to support your district in designing, managing and executing a lasting beneficial ADA recovery program using technological as well as traditional means. The AARC Zone focuses on providing your district with the tools and resources necessary to effectively communicate, among district, school sites and staff to foster ADA recovery optimization.

The AARC Zone has many features to keep us organized and optimized. From the AARC Zone you can view your district’s session statistics, revenue and expense reports, session calendars, school site statistics, student to teacher ratios and much more.

Our constant data driven optimization approach is designed and engineered to help Demo School District achieve the highest level of ADA recovery possible.

Communication between ECS staff and Demo is the backbone of our success. As we gather data points and identify trends our staff will communicate and implement strategies and techniques to improve ADA recovery efforts at each school site.

AARC program reports and statistics are powerful pieces of evidence that can effectively strengthen our ADA recovery efforts. AARC Zone reports are designed and engineered to foster the highest level of ADA recovery possible.

School Zone Dashboard

Maximizing ADA Recovery